MKE Week 13

Gratitude….the list never ends!

The very first one for me was … I am grateful for forgiveness, both giving and receiving. I can not connect to the Divine unless I forgive everyone, & anyone for everything! And I do! When the “old way” tries to pop up, I choose to forgive and greet this day this person this situation with forgiveness. To who much is forgiven that one loves much. That would be me! I am so grateful to all the people through all my growing pains chose to forgive me. I grateful the Omnipotent is teaching me how to completely forgive.

I don’t have time for hate, resentment, bitterness, only time to love and share my heart and warm the earth!

My life has been so busy, even up a notch, but I’m so doing my very best to give 100% . So worth it!

Here’s to many beautiful sunsets and to the song the ocean sings, may you see the beauty, hear the music and be overwhelmed by it all!

Enjoy your journey, I know I am!


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