It’s been 12 weeks?

Tonight as I read through scroll 1 2 &3,  I see the new blueprint being written, new habits forming. The old things are passed away, behold all things are becoming new!

For me the scripture has become a living, breathing life line. It has always been living, but now I’m experiencing the life it was intended to bring. I am forever grateful!

May I suggest going back one or twice during the new scroll reading to the previous scrolls, refresh and reaffirm it’s growing inside.

Enjoy your journey, I sure am!




So tonight as I read my Press Release after a few modifications…I cried, no really I cried. Why? With everything that is in me I believe I can be what I will to be!

If you are struggling with any part of the MKE  press on! I get behind, and a little lost at times but it has been so worth the effort!

Enjoy your journey~ I am!



From last months reading of the scroll, I took with me “Never do I allow my heart to become small and bitter, rather I share it and it grows and warms the earth.” That’s the direction I desire to go!

Super focused on Spiritual Growth this month with the Christmas season upon us. What a time to practice give more, get more! Things are just happening with very little effort..I just enjoy being in the process.

The new scroll is going to be  a little new for me, I will perdist until  I succeed. Ive kinda been a go with the flow kind of gal…if it gets too hard, if it gets too personal just stop! I can honestly say my new blueprint has taken a stronghold in that weakness! I am incredibly grateful! Still pressing in and look forward to the gal who’s been there with me all along taking her place! Tis the season!

Enjoy your journey, I sure am!


Oh my goodness where did week nine go? Enjoying the journey, the experience was just like Mark said it would be during the holiday. I found myself pulling in thoughts and saying silently…I love you. You know that does a body good! A mind too. Looking forward to this week!

I’m finding myself toward the end of the week not a strong as in the beginning of the week at taking every thought captive. I did however notice, and will make the necessary adjustments!

Enjoy your journey, I sure am!

Week 8 -The Stance

Stand therefore….after doing all you can do. Rest assured you are not alone in standing.

So much of the time it “feels” like it, and even if I am, I’m okay because I know the direction I’m taking!

Enjoy your journey!

Complete Your Journey

“Successful men make it their business to hold ideals of the conditions which they wish to realize. They constantly hold in mind the next step necessary to the ideal for which they are striving” (Hannel)

The number eight has been associated with new beginnings in different realms. So as this week began, a question presented to myself all week has been “What is new, what is beginning Andrea? My finding of the answer required observation of the process thus far and recognition of my stance, my standing in the process.  The above quote realizes a standing position positive or negative. It is from this position I have been able to respond.  Here was the finding.

I found that challenges existed in my completion of activities and part of the old blueprint has wanted to sneak itself in.  However, I found that the Gal in the Glass  looked back and spoke…

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MKE Week 8!

Ok you all are invited! Woohoo! I finally got my DMP completely finished! I feel like… Celebrate good times🎶.

It just never occured to me what Spiritual Growth would look like completed. It grows just like every other aspect of life. Evolving, maturing, and going on to the next thing!

I could not be happier with it!

Enjoy the journey, I am!

Week 8 MKE

Ok, it’s safe to say I am behind on my assignments. No excuses, just getting it done, caught up and focused! Wasn’t sure about how to or the purpose of the vision board, a very sweet young lady shared hers on Marko Polo..seeing it, I saw it. I have most everything I need to put it together .

I have to say I believe I hold the record for starting over on the mental diet! Didn’t realize how addicted to ”sweets” ( that are not sweet) I am. On the bright side, I am recognizing the negative thoughts faster, and shutting them down thinking about the yellow square, green trangel, red circle and my big blue rectangles!!

Confession…. I even started dancing around my house, an expression of praise and worship! Feels good to feel good..cause I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Week 8 is my recommitment week. I don’t know if I was just not all in or still wading in to check it out. But here we go! I like the direction I’m going!

Enjoy your journey. I am!

MKE Week 7

Wow! Just wow! I cried all the way through the first reading of scroll 2.

I’m just wondering when the old blueprint will be completely destroyed! This gal in the glass is looking forward to that day with the grandest of celebrations planned! As they say the struggle is real, but I know it’s gonna be worth it!

Don’t be fooled…there is good and greatness!

I’m loving the idea of my recording…can’t wait to hear the final one.

Enjoy your journey! I am….

MKE Week 6

I couldn’t be happier being in this course. I know it sounds strange but there is something going on inside that’s a little challenging to put into words…but.. I am getting better at it!

Life happens, then sometimes you actually live it. Yes there is a difference. There are so many things to be aware of as we travel through, to observe! Really take time to smell the roses. We say it, we plan on it,but when you do it the results are amazing. There is such energy out there and I am beginning to tap into. I know I know…it’s star wars ~ the force is with us! ITS TRUE! And I get to experience it a little differently every day!!

All that to say I’m so happy to be here!!

Enjoy your journey! I am.


Week 5 MKE


Here I am! Week 5!

I experience the most excellent day yesterday, one I plan on repeating often. Good habits are forming and opinions are fading. I tried to tell myself…” Self, this is not an option, it’s a fact”… Well based on what? Oh! My opinion. Laughing at said self.

I’ve never be happier with myself, more disciplined, and focused on what makes me grab for lifes abundance. The power of thought combined with feeling and beinging aware of it is most enjoyable. I just keep smiling and singing the little song about sunshine in my pocket, and this light of mine! It’s not so little anymore!

How wonderful is the life You planned for me, to prosper and have a good future. I am noticing Spiritual Growth and Liberty several times a day now. The sit is more rewarding as thoughts are more focused. My visual is on a beach, surrounded by family and friends. I can hear the sound the ocean sings, I can feel the salty breeze and the warm sunshine. This is the first time in many years I actually saw my dream while awake. Makes you want to try it yes?….. It’s spectacular!

Mark and the Fabulous Davene…thank you with all my enthusiasm thank you!!

Enjoy your journey, I sure am!